About Belltown Billiards

It’s a lot more than your ordinary pool hall. We invite you to Belltown Billiards and Lounge — a unique combination of professional quality billiards and delicious Mediterranean cuisine by Chef Nico, set in one of downtown’s hippest hangouts.

Upscale, yet very affordable, and perfect for groups from 10 to 400, we are located in the historic Belltown neighborhood of downtown Seattle, just a fish toss away from the Pike Place Market. With our friendly, attentive staff and highly interactive environment, a lively and fun time is assured.

  • 8 Custom Brunswick Pool Tables

    Built especially for Belltown Billiards, our Brunswick billiards tables will satisfy both the novice and the serious pool player. Our pool floor is adjacent to our new ultra lounge areas and was designed with groups in mind, making it easy to shoot pool, have a beverage and enjoy dinner all in the same space.

  • Dancing and Featured DJs

    The Northwest’s top DJ’s spin every night with sounds ranging from down-tempo lounge in the early evenings, “Chill Tuesdays” and up-tempo dance music from Wednesday through Saturday late night. Check our DJ schedule for your favorite groove.

  • Chef Nico's Mediterranean Kitchen

    Our unique combination of quality billiards and great Mediterranean food allows customers to eat casually “poolside” or enjoy dinner in one of our seating areas. Chef Nico’s large party menus are perfect for groups of any size.

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